Challenges around People-Centric Automation

Greg Lavelle, Managing Director at Etellect discusses digital transformation and the challenges around people-centric automation.  I often ask myself how Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence will transform the way businesses and organisations operate in the digital age. Etellect has been working in the area of process automation for a few years now so we’ve […]

Collaborating for Growth

Alina Mason, Marketing Executive at Interface, and member of the Venturefest Scotland 2017 Working Group blogs about academic and business collaborations and the vital role they play in supporting Scotland’s economy.  Interface are delighted to support this year’s Venturefest once again to help spread the word about innovation in Scotland and the great work that is happening […]

Securing the True Value in your Digital Products – and How Best to Protect Them

Digital technology is evolving rapidly so make sure you capitalise on your creativity says Graham McGlashan, a Chartered (UK) and European Patent Attorney based in Marks & Clark’s Glasgow office. It’s easy to underestimate, but intellectual property (IP) can be of significant value in modern industry – particularly when it comes to rapidly-evolving digital technology. […]

Improving Productivity and Value-Add through Digital Technologies

  Dr Abigail Hird, Executive Team Member at the Strathclyde Institute for Operations Management (SIOM) at the University of Strathclyde discusses the increasing hype around Industry 4.0 and what it means in practice for SMEs and micro-businesses. A revolution is upon us. Manufacturing is changing. New services are being created. Fresh opportunities, challenges and business […]

Ain’t Nothing Going on but the Rent: Craig Early, Scottish Enterprise

Craig Early, Project Manager, Entrepreneurial Support at Scottish Enterprise, discusses how to fund the early stage of your start-up. You can’t stop thinking about starting your company. You zone out in the shower planning your first marketing campaign, you’ve doodled a hundred logos, and you’ve researched the ins and outs of articles of association… The only […]

How can we support Scotland’s Industry 4.0 journey?

Dr Rachael Wakefield, Business Development Manager at CENSIS, the Scottish Innovation Centre for Sensor and Imaging Systems asks ‘How can we support Scotland’s Industry 4.0 journey’? Scotland has a proud manufacturing history, playing a crucial role in the first industrial revolution. It is on the cusp of a massive change once again, as we approach […]

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from the Great Walt Disney

Walt Disney, one of America’s greatest innovators, went from sketching a mouse to running a multi-billion dollar empire. Simon Mone, Innovation Specialist at Scottish Enterprise, blogs about the enduring power of the Disney brand and what entrepreneurs can learn from the great Walt Disney.  This July I went to Orlando with my family to enjoy/endure the sunny […]

What Do Investors Really Look For? Nigel Walker, Innovate UK

Nigel Walker, Head of Innovation Lending at Innovate UK, asks “what do investors really look for?” “We have to be extraordinarily selective.  We saw around 850 deals in Europe last year… and invested in four.” This quote from an investor at a well-known venture capital firm highlights just how hard it is to raise equity finance.  […]

Marty and Me – Tackling the Coding Skills Gap with a Pet Robot

Think you’re too old to code? Think again says Stephanie Anderson, Innovation Specialist at Scottish Enterprise. I am getting a pet robot. I will soon be the very proud owner of a Marty the Robot and I cannot wait. I’m already thinking about what outfits I can make for him. I’m thinking Christmas Marty… Halloween […]

Building Momentum with Open Innovation

In an increasingly connected world, companies are embracing Open Innovation as a way of solving their most pressing business problems. In our latest blog, Jillian Moffat, Head of Open Innovation at Scottish Enterprise, explains the opportunity and how your company can get involved. If you’re an innovative Scottish company you may have already heard about Open Innovation, but […]