Lessons from Wonder Woman: Stephanie Anderson, Scottish Enterprise

Stephanie Anderson, Project Manager for Entrepreneurial and Ecosystem Development at Scottish Enterprise on why having female superheroes on your team brings more than just a tick in the gender diversity box. If you haven’t seen the new Wonder Woman film yet, you should really go see it! Not because a superhero film with a female […]

Creating a Positive Workplace Culture: Clare Alexander, Hd of Workplace Innovation, Scottish Enterprise

Clare Alexander, Head of Workplace Innovation at Scottish Enterprise discusses some of her key take-aways from Venturefest 2016 and how to get the most from your people, processes and relationships.  In September 2016 Scottish Enterprise launched its Workplace Innovation Service and last year’s Venturefest Scotland presented us with an opportunity to run a session for attendees (in partnership […]

From Start-up to Established Brand: Jane Shandley & Kate Hamilton, iQ Chocolate

Creators of iQ Chocolate, Jane Shandley and Kate Hamilton, recount their entrepreneurial journey from fledgling start-up to established brand and explain how taking part in Venturefest Scotland has opened the door to valuable new investment as well as some very special customers. Woody Allen said  “You can live to be a hundred if you give up all the […]

Vicki Hazley, Innovation Specialist, HIE: Are you Really Innovating?

Vicki Hazley is an Innovation Specialist at Highlands and Islands Enterprise, a partner in Venturefest Scotland. Vicki has worked with some of Scotland’s most ambitious technology-based SMEs, through previous roles in SMART: SCOTLAND and the Scottish Investment Bank. Do you consider your business innovative? And if so, why? It’s an adjective that is so widely […]

Lisa Thomson, Startup Grind: How to Build A Culture of Innovation

As founding Director for Scotland of Startup Grind, Lisa Thomson, has interviewed numerous founders, executives and investors of innovative, high growth businesses.  Coupled with her insights as HR partner to numerous high growth investor-backed clients through her consultancy Purpose HR, she shares advice and suggestions for building a business culture to foster innovation as you […]

Intangible Business Assets: Do you Know their Value? Graham McGlashan at Marks & Clerk

Intellectual Property specialist Marks & Clerk is the Innovation Showcase sponsor at this year’s Venturefest Scotland. Graham McGlashan, a patent attorney with the firm, will be delivering an interactive workshop at the event. Here he discusses the importance of being aware of the value of your business’s intangible assets: It’s always good to take time to consider […]

Getting Animated about Enterprise: Tom Craig, Senior Policy Executive, Scottish Government

Tom Craig, Senior Policy Executive – Entrepreneurship at Scottish Government gets animated about enterprise and argues that innovation is within all our grasp. In my blog for last year’s event, I waxed lyrical about what enterprise lessons could be learned from an examination of the Disney movie ‘Inside Out’.  Now, without apology, I return to the world […]

Harvey Wheaton, CEO of CodeClan, on Hiring Growth-Minded Talent

Looking to hire the right people to grow your business?  Look for the growth mindset suggests Harvey Wheaton, CEO of CodeClan, Scotland’s first digital skills academy. It intrigues me that so many job adverts for software developers focus on experience and how many CVs have number of years developing in x, y or z technology listed front […]

Gavin Neate, Founder, Neatebox on Venturefest Scotland and New Opportunities

Thinking of applying to take part in this year’s Innovation Showcase at Venturefest Scotland?  Gavin Neate, Founder at Neatebox, explains how taking part in Venturefest 2016 helped open new doors including the chance to pitch in front of energy company, ENGIE. Venturefest 2016 was a superb event for Neatebox.  I hadn’t attended the expo before but in defence this was […]