Getting Animated about Enterprise: Tom Craig, Senior Policy Executive, Scottish Government

Tom Craig, Senior Policy Executive – Entrepreneurship at Scottish Government gets animated about enterprise and argues that innovation is within all our grasp. In my blog for last year’s event, I waxed lyrical about what enterprise lessons could be learned from an examination of the Disney movie ‘Inside Out’.  Now, without apology, I return to the world […]

Harvey Wheaton, CEO of CodeClan, on Hiring Growth-Minded Talent

Looking to hire the right people to grow your business?  Look for the growth mindset suggests Harvey Wheaton, CEO of CodeClan, Scotland’s first digital skills academy. It intrigues me that so many job adverts for software developers focus on experience and how many CVs have number of years developing in x, y or z technology listed front […]

Gavin Neate, Founder, Neatebox on Venturefest Scotland and New Opportunities

Thinking of applying to take part in this year’s Innovation Showcase at Venturefest Scotland?  Gavin Neate, Founder at Neatebox, explains how taking part in Venturefest 2016 helped open new doors including the chance to pitch in front of energy company, ENGIE. Venturefest 2016 was a superb event for Neatebox.  I hadn’t attended the expo before but in defence this was […]

The Value of Values: Ian Elder, Economic Development Manager at The Lighthouse

Ian Elder, Economic Development Manager at The Lighthouse, Scotland’s Centre for Design and Architecture, considers the ‘value of values’ and how design thinking is driving innovation and creating new opportunities for purpose-driven businesses. The first Venturefest Scotland 2017 feeder events have started and they look at a variety of innovative and commercial topics while signposting the […]

Dr. Susie Mitchell, Glasgow City of Science & Innovation: Venturefest Scotland and The Art of Possible

On the 20th September 2017, Scotland’s top innovators, entrepreneurs and investors will come together for the national innovation and growth summit, Venturefest Scotland. Venturefest will once again be held in Glasgow Science Centre nested on the River Clyde; a science and innovation hub that’s iconic design resembles the canted hull of a ship. Indeed, a […]

Three Key Takeaways from Venturefest Scotland 2016

Andrew Bond, Marketing Trainee at Brightsolid, blogs about his three key takeaways from Venturefest Scotland 2016. “On the first of September, Glasgow Science Centre was lit up with a buzz of energy and excitement as innovators and entrepreneurs alike met to exchange ideas and business cards. The conference was full to the brim with workshops […]

How Small can help Big Work Wonders

Susie Logan, Head of Business Marketing, Standard Life, blogs about the changing relationship between large and small companies and the opportunities for collaboration and growth. Today’s business world is evolving faster than ever. Changing technology and customer behaviour are creating a new economy, and with it – new opportunities. This is changing the relationship between large and […]

Innovation: From Good to Great

‘WHAT makes a good innovator – and what makes a good innovator great’? asks conference organiser and event host, David Lee. Is it passion and belief in what you are doing? Or perhaps that hunger and desire to do everything possible to keep your customers happy? Maybe it’s the understanding that everyone in your business has […]

Growing your Business and Remaining Competitive in Turbulent Times

The Strathclyde Institute for Operations Management (SIOM) provides a forum for industry, academics and policy makers to collaborate with a view to addressing key operations management challenges to deliver real impact. In this blog, SIOM highlights three key themes to help businesses compete and grow.  How can businesses grow in competitiveness and value rather than being […]