Innovation through Collaboration

Suzanne Orchard, specialist advisor at Co-operative Development Scotland (CDS), talks about the link between innovation and collaboration. We know that innovation plays a critical part in business growth, but often we hear that businesses are putting off investing in innovation as they are concerned about the risks involved, particularly the resource and the finance required. […]

Who’s Asking you the Unaskable?

Vicki Hazley, Innovation Manager at Highlands and Islands Enterprise, argues that all companies need a method for testing their strategy and their assumptions. Businesses that are driven by innovation are growing rapidly at certain times.  Everyone is busy when a new product or service is being developed for the market. Technical development, marketing, manufacturing scale […]

How to Build Innovation into your Growing Business: Jim Duffy, CEO, ESpark

Jim Duffy is founder and Chief Executive Optimist at Entrepreneurial Spark, the world’s leading free people accelerator for startups and scaleups. Innovation is key to the survival of any business, but particularly startups and small businesses. There is no doubt that it takes place in science labs, universities and the research and development departments of […]

Applying Innovative Design Thinking to your Business

Ian Elder, Manager at The Lighthouse, Scotland’s Centre for Design and Architecture, discusses how you don’t have to be a designer to apply innovative thinking to your business. In partnership with the Design Museum and Paul Smith we opened the Paul Smith exhibition in late January (it closes on 20 March). The exhibition is The […]