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Trends and themes come and go, but in business some things never change.  Staying on top of your finances, protecting your intellectual property and always seeking ways to be more efficient come under this category.

We’ve put together a series of workshops that address these constant challenges to help you run more effective, growing businesses.

Getting your financial ducks in a row

Possessing and understanding the key numbers in your business is vital to any successful funding proposition. However, that is only one of the ingredients that need to be in place if you are to stand any chance of raising finance.

Based on their experience of successfully raising finance for start-ups, early-stagers and scale-ups, Martin Aitken & Co’s business & tax advisers will give you their take on what good financial management looks like, feels like and smells like.

What do funders look for and what you need to do to get your business fit for purpose to successfully raise finance will be amongst the key takeaways from the session.

We’ll also cover the various funding options available to start-up and growing businesses (e.g. debt, equity, grants) that are available and the journeys that are involved in each route so that you are going in with your eyes open.

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Protecting, Using and Exploiting your Intellectual Property

Why do people buy your products or services? How do you best protect your advantage?  An entrepreneur and an IP attorney from experts Marks and Clerk provide their perspectives on strategies for protecting, using and exploiting your Intellectual Property.

This will include an interactive session where you will have the chance to name your company and say why you think people buy your product, and we will give you suggestions on how you can protect your ideas and use your Intellectual Property to pursue commercial success.

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Resource Efficiency and the Circular Economy

Every business aims to produce and operate more effectively.  Improved productivity leads to reduced costs, reduced wastage and improved profitability.  This session will explore how being more efficient with resources can help your business bottom line, but help your environmental credentials at the same time.

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Collaboration for growth

This session explores how businesses of all sectors can explore opportunities for innovation and growth by collaborating with Scotland’s Universities.

Led by the University of Strathclyde, this session will explore how it works with many businesses and organisations using research and expertise to enhance products, processes and services.

Using an example of where the University has collaborated with the High Speed Sustainable Manufacturing Institute to provide a Digital Readiness Level tool for SMEs, you’ll also hear an outline of some of the mechanisms and funding available to SMEs when collaborating with the University.

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Scotland: A world-class entrepreneurial hub

This workshop will showcase the range of support available from the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Scotland to support a company’s growth journey from start up to scale up. The session will feature a live case study of a businesses who has tapped into the ecosystem to accelerate their growth and offer an opportunity for the audience to pose questions to an Ecosystem Panel.  The Ecosystem Panel will represent incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces, entrepreneurial support organisations and networking organisations.  Come along and find out how what support is available in Scotland and how you can tap into these organisations to successfully grow your business.

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