How Small can help Big Work Wonders

Susie Logan. Standard Life. 25 Mar 2014. Copyright photograph © Tina Norris 07775 593 830

Susie Logan, Head of Business Marketing, Standard Life, blogs about the changing relationship between large and small companies and the opportunities for collaboration and growth.

Today’s business world is evolving faster than ever. Changing technology and customer behaviour are creating a new economy, and with it – new opportunities. This is changing the relationship between large and small enterprises as larger organisations will only be sustainable and relevant by working with SMEs, who are renowned for their innovation and represent an important growth engine of our economy.

Keeping close to smaller businesses and creating a collaborative environment where people learn, share and shape their economic futures is an important part of our culture at Standard Life.

One of the things we do to cultivate this is partner with smaller businesses, including inviting them into our offices to work alongside our teams. An example of this is our partnership with local design agency Alliance Creative, who work within Standard Life to help us develop innovative and engaging marketing materials, providing an outside perspective to make sure we continue to challenge how best to communicate with our customers.

For us, working with outside organisations is a virtuous circle – our size allows us to support newer, smaller businesses to grow while we benefit from their expertise. We can then learn from them, and pass on the benefits to our customers and other businesses that we work with.

So where does Venturefest fit into this?  Venturefest is helping to promote this positive growth ecosystem and inspiring innovation here in Scotland – and that’s something we’re really pleased to be a part of again this year. At the event in Glasgow on 1 September, we’ll be presenting a workshop alongside Alliance Creative on ‘how small can help big work wonders’ – providing insight into the changing relationship between large and small companies and the opportunities this presents for business collaboration.

No business, whatever its size, can be successful without working effectively with other organisations. So, if you are an ambitious SME, entrepreneur or innovator then this is a great opportunity to gain insight into the kind of specialist innovation expertise larger firms rely on.

The Standard Life team will also be around throughout the day, so come and have a chat if you’re interested in hearing more.

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