Innovating Innovation

Businesses survive and grow by innovating – developing new products and services to replace outdated ones or addressing new opportunities and markets opened up by advances in technology or the development of new trends.

But the business of innovation is often cloaked in mystery and seen to be the preserve of the genius inventors or gifted technicians.   This series of workshops takes a sideways look at different ways that innovation is being implemented in sectors and cities.

Animating Enterprise

Glasgow-based  international animation studio Axis Studios presents this workshop to illustrate how the creative process of producing film and animation can be applied to any company and sector.   Using examples from their award-winning body of work, Axis will describe how the demands of the creative and production process, and constraints such as budget and delivery deadlines, can actually inspire creative solutions.

Join this session to be inspired by world-leading creatives and learn how you can apply some of their techniques to your own business.

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Social Innovation

This session brings together organisations who are taking an innovative approach to tackling social difficulties. The panel will consist of a cross-section of social enterprises who address social challenges but still operate as a successful enterprise. Each of the speakers will use their experiences, both good and bad, to demonstrate how opportunities can be identified and developed. Attendees will be challenged to consider how their organisations can practically improve their corporate social responsibility. Panellists will then advise what support is available to SMEs that are looking to improve their corporate social responsibility.

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Innovating Innovation

The workshop will challenge participants to think about how they and their companies/organisations are currently set-up to identify new opportunities and new geographic markets, and will introduce attendees to innovation formats and new ways of working. Speakers will demonstrate how the practical application of these formats could have a positive impact in delegates’ organisations.  Featuring Louise Opprud Jakobsen from Danish innovation think tank Dare Disrupt, Oil Norman from Itison and Dr David Harris-Birtell from Beyond Medics, this interactive session will enable you to pitch your innovation issues to the panel of speakers and hear their feedback.

At the end of the session you will be equipped to consider what you can do differently to become more open to innovation, new opportunities and new markets.

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Open Innovation – how can it work for me?

Open Innovation is one of the most exciting new trends in the world of innovation. Defined as “innovating in partnership with those outside a company by sharing the risks of the process and rewards of the outcome”, it opens up many new opportunities for both for SMEs and for larger companies, creating new routes for new innovation projects, and allowing the development and adoption of new solutions in an accelerated timeframe.

In this panel session hosted by Scottish Power Energy Networks we will be discussing Open Innovation from multiple perspectives. After this, you will have a greater understanding of how Open Innovation can work for a company, potential issues with setting up and running an Open Innovation programme, the benefits of looking to SMEs for new solutions, and the benefits of working with a company through their Open Innovation Programme.

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Hidden figures – Women in Innovation

Analysis by Innovate UK has recently revealed that in the nearly 9,000 funding applications submitted to them since 2013, only 14% were from women.   Yet the same study revealed that they saw little difference between women and men when it came to the quality of applications received.

Why are women under-represented in the innovation eco-system?  What are the barriers to female innovators?  This lively discussion session will bring together a panel of speakers and feature a short film, highlighting key issues around the involvement of women at all levels in the innovation chain.

Not just for the women, you will leave inspired and motivated to follow the lead of those who have broken through the innovation glass ceiling already.

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