Innovation Showcase at Venturefest Scotland 2017

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Following a call for entries to this year’s Innovation Showcase the following companies have been selected to take part.

Open to both start-ups and established SMEs, the Showcase gives some of Scotland’s most innovative companies the chance to present their ground-breaking products and services to an influential audience of investors and entrepreneurs and participation is free.

Companies this year come from all over Scotland including Aberdeen, Glasgow, Sutherland, Livingston, Edinburgh and Inverness.

Alba Orbital build the world’s most sophisticated commercial PocketQube platforms with the aim to ‘democratise’ space by allowing access to everyone. Their miniature satellites can be used for almost any application with the Unicorn-2 satellite offering near CubeSat performance at a fraction of the price.

Alba Orbital takes the same technologies used within mobile phones and applies miniturisation to space technology. Inexpensive access is critically important for the development of the space industry because it currently costs more to launch 1 KG into space than the equivalent weight in gold. Alba Orbital’s products allow new space products and solutions for companies all over the world. ine.

All Day Designs is a product design and manufacture business revolutionising the 0-4 year child travel equipment market. The first innovation – the AllDay PikNmix is a game changing, versatile travel-system that evolves with the developing child catering for their constantly differing activity levels and removing the requirement for parents to purchase and carry multiple items, whilst saving at least £400 and removing the stresses faced by both parents and  child.

Beyond Medics develop awesome systems for the clinic and will be showcasing a working prototype of their ground-breaking Automated Remote Pulse Oximetry System which automatically displays the individual’s vital signs – heart rate and blood oxygenation level – through a remote camera, without the need for clips and wires.

Rafal Czarnowski and Todor Rusanov are real-time visualisation specialists that utilise the latest virtual reality technologies to create interactive and immersive environments.

Their latest project is based on The Buzludzha Monument that is built on top of the Buzludzha mountain peak in the Central Balkan Mountains by Bulgarian communist regime in 1981. It was used as the headquarters of the Bulgarian communist party in the 1980s until Bulgaria ceased to be a communist state in 1989. Since then, the Monument was abandoned and with no further maintenance, the building quickly began to deteriorate and suffer from acts of vandalism.


Cloud Forest is a company that will crowdfunding productive forestry projects.

Founded in February 2017, the company has been awarded funding by Innovate UK to work with Cambridge University’s Centre for Industrial Sustainability to explore what opportunities crowdfunding could create in the UK forestry industry.

Online shopping has radically changed fashion retail.  Colour Elements demystifies shopping practices through the process of quickly identifying the specific colours which complement the consumer through selfie images.

Instore events connect online purchases to physical shops building brand engagement and increasing sales further.

We aim to reduce the customer confusion and wasted purchases that are a result of the current fast fashion business model by directing customers to clothes from instore/online retailers that make them look fantastic.

Our services are currently offered via email and will soon be offered by our interactive app which will due to launch this summer.

Since its formation in 2013, EC-OG has expanded rapidly as a first-class technology provider in the energy industry.

Developing disruptive technologies and engineering solutions for the Oil & Gas sector, the EC-OG team is refreshingly easy to do business with.

Attention is currently concentrated on the commercialisation of the Subsea Power Hub, an ocean current energy conversion system.  This self contained regenerative energy source harnesses the energy of ocean currents to generate, store and deliver autonomous electrical power.

Healthy Nibbles overcome the challenge of finding healthy and nutritious snacks in city offices and travel hubs throughout the UK.  Combining the latest vending technologies with nutritionally certified, artisan snacks, Healthy Nibbles’ vending machines are connected, 100% cashless, provide nutritional and allergen information prior to purchase.

We understand that hectic lives, the daily commute, careers and family place demands on our time and energy, meaning our carefully planned meals are quickly forgotten and replaced with unhealthy on-the-go options. Through UK wide vending, office snacks, hampers and white label snack boxes, we’re making healthy snacking easy to do and convenient.

HelloUni makes it easy for students who want to study abroad, matching students all over the world to their dream universities.

IntelliDigest eliminates the constraints of waste management and helps our customers to efficiently meet regulatory demands while boosting their eco reputation and profitability.

Our aim is to proficiently convert biodegradable waste to high value resource at the earliest possible time thereby capturing the whole resource value in them, reducing greenhouse gas emission and promoting circular economy.

Orrin Equestrian is a company based in the Highlands of Scotland. We have designed an innovative, composites-based horse saddle.

Our saddle will not only bring improvements to horse performance but it will most importantly bring enormous improvements and benefits to horse welfare. Orrin Equestrian are passionate about combining the latest technologies with the biomechanics of the horse in order to produce a saddle that can allow both horse and rider to work freely and to their maximum abilities.

Pacla Medical is an Edinburgh-based company operating in the life sciences sector, focused on developing healthcare equipment.

Pacla is a start-up at initial-revenue stage, committed to the development of Robo-Physio, an automated spinal muscles massage device. Robo-Physio has 36 robotic fingers designed to gently massage the back and improve people’s quality of lives. Having run a successful crowd-funding campaign with an army of enthusiastic customers, product launch is planned for October 2017. The company has received SEED investment from Venture Capital.


Pixey helps broadcasters and publishers find and obtain the digital rights to real-time, Instagram user-generated content.

Proterra Energy based in Drumnadrochit near Inverness, specialises in the design, installation and maintenance of micro hydro schemes, typically up to 100 kW.

We operate throughout Scotland with a focus on the Highlands and Islands and are starting to expand into the international market with early hydro scheme assessments carried out in Chile.

Robotical is a robotics company based in Edinburgh. We make Marty the Robot, an educational robot that is far more than just a toy.

Marty walks, dances, and even plays football! This robot is a fantastic tool that can help kids learn how to code and program. Marty offers an excellent progression to inspire young people to get in to robotics and STEM subjects. Start by using Scratch, a simple coding platform – then continue with Python and C++. Although Marty is suitable for children aged 8 and up, the upgradeable nature of this robot means that Marty stays relevant for university-level study.

Smart Compliance’s first product to market is a carbon monoxide detector and the design and development of an intelligent smoke detector.

We have been granted a UK Patent for the measurement of any gas or particulate, the transmission and monitoring of this information by SMS/GPRS.

Our intelligent smoke detector:

  • Carries out a weekly self- check and reports to a web portal/text message
  • Reports to a web portal/text message if unit is faulty or tampered with
  • Report to multiple mobile devices/web portal if smoke is present

All About Digestion is a start-up company focusing on the Gastrointestinal tract.

Constipation, haemorrhoids and numerous bowel problems can be greatly aided by correct posture and our initial product offering – SquatEasy – a Patent Pending, anti-bacterial posture stool is the first of its kind in the UK.

Turtle Pack is a multi-award winning swimming aid designed to help remove anxiety, build confidence and develop important life skills.  As the child’s confidence and coordination improves in the water, the buoyancy can be easily reduced by removing segments of the shell.

The child’s arms are free so they can swim with no restrictions and provides the correct horizontal body position. The progressional aspect challenges the swimmer to work harder and visually rewards them each time a shell is removed. And most importantly, Turtle Pack ensures with its creative design that it is fun to use.