Innovation Showcase at Venturefest Scotland 2017

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We will be inviting a selection of Scottish companies across all sectors to showcase their ground-breaking products and services to an audience including investors and entrepreneurs. Participation is free and any high-growth, Scottish company is invited to apply.  See our Flyer for more details.

If you think you have what it takes, then complete the Application Form and return to by Friday 9 June.

Last year’s Innovation Showcase participants are listed below.

We are 4c Design, a product design and engineering consultancy offering outsourced innovation.

Since 2002, we have been delivering successful solutions through innovative thinking and hands-on problem solving.

As well as developing solutions for others, we have also been creating our own innovative IP and pushing 4c Design into a high growth pipeline.

Better Humans is a company dedicated to helping you feel, think and do better. It was established in Edinburgh in June 2015. Our first 12 months have been spent designing and building our Reach digital health programme.

Reach is an employee wellness service for large employers which retrains both employees’ body and brain. It gets employees proactive with their physical and mental health with personalised rehab programmes, uses Connect scores and wellness challenges to keep them motivated, and has support from expert tele-Physiotherapists to keep employees engaged over the long term.

We’re currently in beta trial with 100 users, with a view to launching with our first employer in Sept 2016.

By Cyclogical is a bicycle accessories design company made up of keen cyclists all passionate about good design and bikes.

Our objective at By Cyclogical is to use our knowledge of product development and engineering, and our passion for cycling to create innovative products that address the unmet needs of the cycling population.

As keen cyclists, the team has direct experience of the frustrations that cyclists face every day and this has led us to develop our first product innovation: ‘GRIPSTER, the bike storage solution that is a little bit off the wall!’

CarGo Seat is a booster seat for children that converts to a roller travel suitcase. The suitcase will act as travel storage with a foldaway handle and carry strap. It will have enough storage to accommodate clothing, books and don’t forget Teddy. Once placed on the car seat, two release buttons within the wheels will allow the pop up seat belt guides to engage turning the suitcase into a booster seat.

Cinema Acoustic Treatment Systems (CATS) is a dynamic organisation which leverages technical and commercial expertise to deliver unique acoustic treatment systems to the residential cinema market.

Connect-In develops and manufactures innovative Bluetooth SmartTM solutions for the Internet of Things.
Its smart tracking sensor, LUPO, locates and secures tagged personal belongings and assets in conjunction with the LUPO smartphone app.
Providing a segment-leading balance of functionality, user experience and power management, LUPO is a best-selling personal item tracker on Amazon UK and has been gaining international traction.
Connect-In’s platform and hardware finds application beyond wearable technologies and can be adapted to scenarios ranging from asset tracking to med-tech.

Did you know that there are 1.3 million business events attended by 85 million people in the UK each year. That’s a lot of people struggling to see presentations.

The trouble is having a big screen does not guarantee everyone will see carefully crafted slides and content. At Cosneta we prefer to give everyone the best seat in the house. Our product called Freestyle streams presentations and content directly to delegates own mobile devices. People attending can then see everything on their own device, write notes, share those with other people and save everything to take home immediately.

eCom is focused on the delivery, tracking and reporting of workforce learning and development, through innovative technologies. Our products and services address a range of workforce management, development and training challenges, including eLearning, online assessment, blended learning, competency management and badging.

We have a strong belief in client partnership, working with public and private organisations across many countries and sectors. Our flexible and affordable solutions can help you achieve higher engagement, business efficiencies and financial savings for your organisation.

EM Imaging’s team has decades of documented success in imaging agent discovery and development. Our expertise spans medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, cell biology and clinical expertise. EMI also has significant expertise in the clinical development, approval and reimbursement of molecular imaging agents.
EM Imaging intends to be the market leader, offering targeted fluorescent optical imaging agents as a cost effective and accessible diagnostic modality.

Focus Games Ltd is a unique and innovative “serious game” design company making educational games.

We lead the way in developing serious board games, and online games aimed at the business, healthcare and education markets.

Our games give players the knowledge, skills and confidence to improve the way they think, work and live. They make face-to-face engagement easy, effective and affordable.

We work with national organisations, charities, universities and businesses to develop evidence-based learning and engagement tools that bring people together to address real world issues.

Generating more than 1 million hours of face-to-face engagement since 2004 our games are played by nurses, doctors, students, business people, patients and customers across the world.

We create location based trail apps for book lovers, film enthusiasts and visitors to attractions / tourism destinations

Our award-winning apps include, Global Treasure Apps, Global Movie Trails, Alexander McCall Smith book trails,
F. Scott Fitzgerald and Hemingway book trails are in development.
We work with the top tourist attractions in UK. We run digital workshops with schools and colleges – allowing students to create and upload learning outcome focused trails with audio, video and GPS.

Golphin Ltd, based in Ayrshire, provides a holistic approach to children’s golf development.
Developing golf clubs that are biomechanically suitable for all ages of children aged 3 to 12, is the brainchild of Founder and MD Calum McPherson. Technology transfer from Calum’s design background in aerospace technologies, has enabled the business to design, manufacture and sell clubs that help kids have fun whilst learning how to play golf.
The business launched it’s GolphinForKids beginners product range in March 2014. Since it’s inception, Golphin has won international Awards for it’s innovative approach, now sells in 23 countries and now has launched it’s own foundation to support school and community based golf projects for kids.

Scottish-based IT Services company founded in 2011, with 52 people on staff, an office in Edinburgh and presence in New York. Hutchinson Networks recently launched a new public cloud platform Fabrix built using NFV (Network Functions Virtualisation) and SDN (Software Defined Networking) – the most advanced technologies in IT industry today. The platform is disruptive to the traditional cloud technology, offering users unprecedented flexibility of their cloud environment (‘cloud boutique’), complete visibility, enterprise level security and unlimited scalability. New features are being added to Fabrix by HN in-house Dev team every month. Fabrix team works loosely with Napier University on a large security training project too.

i4 is an established ISO certified product development firm. For over 12 years the company’s large in-house team has been developing user friendly and stylised medical, consumer and industrial products with a particular strength in providing engineering solutions for medium to high volume manufacture.

i4’s experienced team of designers and engineers are multi-disciplined with many having in excess of 20+ years’ experience of providing innovative electronics, moulded plastics and sheet metal solutions. i4 has undertaken over 450 projects to date and supports clients through from concept generation to full industrial manufacture, adding value to the product along the way. i4 can also manage the production, assembly and testing of products through their trusted UK and overseas network of prototyping and production manufacturers.

iMetaFilm is set to revolutionise the film archive industry with its unique take on digitisation, storage and distribution. This will not only change the way we rediscover degrading or ‘lost’ film footage, but will allow us to enhance its quality, preserve its content, and share it forever.

Every single day, we lose film footage of enormous historical and cultural importance, because up until now, we have been unable to salvage or properly preserve its invaluable content – images that will never be seen nor shared, and ones that can never be replaced.

iMetafilm provides the solution with their 3 unique innovations. The MetaScanner is the first part of a radical digitisation process where existing 8, 16 or 35mm film travels quickly through a simple, sprocket-less system. this film-friendly approach is exceptionally gentle, and ensures that any contact is kept to an absolute minimum. Images are captured at speeds of up to 25 frames per second, shooting in super high definition up to 8K to ensure every detail is preserved. Innovative MetaWeaver software then enhances the image before vital information such as content descriptions, film languages, or subtitles are stored in ‘digital air’. This clever management of metadata makes the content searchable, accessible and shareable.

iMetaFilm has created a film archiving process that is fast, cost effective and ultimately future proof, making the unseen available to all, and for future generations to experience and share.

Instie is the online marketplace for finding, and licensing, real-time Instagram photos and videos. We help brands, advertising agencies and media professionals find real, authentic imagery and video from the entire Instagram network. We aim to reduce infringement of copyrighted content by offering media at an affordable price.

We also offer a unique solution where by Instagrammers can monetize their own Instagram profiles, whilst controlling where and how their content is used by businesses.

iQ Chocolate Ltd has a small team of highly resourceful and creative people.
The engagement and commitment of staff, fostered through their innovative people management approach (“Holacracy”), was described in their IP audit as “exceptional”.
A first round of private investment, S.E. Innovation Funding, Interface and Sporting Chance funding supported the company’s initial research and
development phase. This ultimately resulted in a range of superfood chocolate bars.
Products are: Great Taste Award winners, organic, raw, free from all 14 allergens and have over 20 health claims (EFSA compliant). iQ chocolate is now available, through a comprehensive network of distributors, across the UK, and beyond.
A second round of investment is currently supporting their rebranding, a new listing with Holland & Barrett and their export strategy.
With customers, already, in Kuwait, Qatar and Oman, and Arabic labelling on our products, they are now in an excellent position to open up this market.

Jas P Wilson (JPW) is a third generation family business formed in 1964 covering the UK & Ireland. The business operates as a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of forestry and firewood machinery. JPW currently employs over 50 staff including skilled engineers, welders, fabricators, electricians, design engineers, sales/marketing staff and technical support engineers.  At our head office site in South West Scotland, we have a large facility including a metal work factory, design office, service workshops, test facility and much more. We offer a range of services within forestry, agriculture, firewood, specialist product development and bespoke fabrication.

Junction-18 are a Glasgow based learning technologies company that works with organizations of all sizes to take their training online.

Our new OnBoard learning platform offers organizations of all sizes the ability to access highly engaging and interactive e-learning content in a wide range of topics, updated with new courses on a weekly basis.

Junction-18 also work with organisations such as Vodafone, Skyscanner and Starbucks to turn existing training content into powerful learning using tools such as simulation, gamification and virtual environments.

At LINIAN everyone is dedicated to the delivery of products, solutions and services that enable our clients to achieve their own goals, to the highest standard, with the greatest degree of efficiency. We are driven to attain and maintain the most professional levels of safety, reliability and productivity. The long-term satisfaction of our clients and suppliers if of paramount importance, and we welcome collaboration.

With the LINIAN Fire Clip you can save time, money and lives. This single installation cable clip provides simple, rapid, robust and fireproof means of fixing cables to construction materials. The result of years of advanced technical research and direct experience, the LINIAN Fire Clip offers major advantages to the installer.

LoadFast Systems supply a range of products to increase material handling efficiency. In Construction projects the worldwide team has built up a reputation of delivering unique, bespoke solutions to complex projects. Whether it is a simple fixed platform system or a combination of hoist and rolling platform systems, LoadFast Systems can supply the right solution. The bulk handling division offers unique bespoke solutions to difficult process problems with unique in-house developed designs and their bespoke cranes division delivers unique solutions to any industry where a creative solution is required.

Neatebox is a company with inclusivity at its heart. Our motto ­ ‘The Solution Starts with The People who understand the Problem’ ­ summarises our belief that our products can improve the user experience of any environment that we work in.

Our technology uses Proximity Aware Technology which utilises advanced Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to communicate with smart phones to improve the ability for users to interact with their local environment in an easier way. We aim to reduce anxiety and increase social mobility and sense of community.

Supporting an active lifestyle should, in turn, reduce pressure on our NHS.

Power A Life is changing school children’s lives in Africa. The innovative Social Company targets ethically minded smartphone users, combining high quality power accessories with a unique USP – giving a solar light in Africa with every purchase. Power A Life launched in 2016 with its first product, the wee PAL charger, solving the need for on-the-go charging of mobile devices. Power A Life has won a number of accolades including a Scottish EDGE Wildcard Award and Santander Universities Entrepreneurial Award, in addition to being profiled in National Press and Television.

Red Squirrel Brands created an innovative liqueur utilising natural sugars – agave & stevia, which results in a sugar level of just 2.75 grams per 25ml serve. It’s a ‘no-nut’ Gingernut Liqueur, (red squirrels are ginger & eat nuts) because I wanted it to be free from known allergens, it’s also low in alcohol at a responsible 20%abv. The alcohol is Ogilvy potato vodka, where my recipe is produced, near Glamis Castle.

Combining 10 years of research, Scoop automatically monitors social media to give instant alerts to breaking news stories as they happen, and before they hit mainstream media. Scoop addresses the need to react quickly to breaking news as evidenced by several markets by providing a web-based dashboard that alerts the user when a new story is breaking, filtering the noise from traditional social media streams. Specifically, Scoop Analytics provides journalists, financial traders, and marketers with early warnings on news or events related to their investments / brands that are breaking on social media.

Social Investment Scotland (SIS) invests in and supports social enterprises. As part of the wider involvement in developing the social enterprise sector SIS is committed to showcasing products, and new business models as well as investment.

For young children traditional instruments are hard to play and not engaging.

Dots revolutionizes musical play making it easier and more fun. Separate stackable individual notes, called Dots, are used to explore, experiment, learn and create. It provides long lasting play value and strong educational learning. There has been strong interest from customers and the industry. Dots will target both parents and schools enabling children to play and create music.

Spark and Rocket is developing Dots for a crowdfunding campaign launch early next year.

Storii improves lives through memories. Their web and iOS platform enables users to store memories and interact with loved ones across the globe. Storii is used by both the public and the care sector. As a care application, it can be used by carers for reminiscence therapy and to improve communication and quality of life for care recipients.

Sunstore Technologies Ltd is a staff spin-out company from the University of Strathclyde that has spend 5 years developing and testing transformative and disruptive technology in the fields of renewable energy and solar food processing.

The last 2 years have been spent ‘battle testing’ a range of prototypes in India and Africa.

The Sunstore mission is to, “feed the people and protect the planet through the provision of ecological nutrition”.

SwarmOnline is a 4-year-old web and mobile app development company based in the Hub at Pacific Quay. We provide solutions to multiple industries including the Energy, Oil & Gas, Property, Health & Wellness, Finance and Public sector industries. Our services are in such high demand because we are a team of thought leaders, who bring innovation and cutting edge technology to our solutions. These qualities allow us to build industry-changing solutions quicker and better than any of our competitors. We have experienced a year on year increase in turnover as the company has established itself more in its key markets.

TappStory is a cost-effective tech-marketing tool that delivers a cheap solution to expensive problems – Customer Acquisition, Engagement and Retention.

TappStory ensures the Product engages the customer at the moment of highest customer interest – at the point of sale. It starts a relationship between the customer and the brand or retailer, and is a means to attract new customers and maximise return from existing ones. All this happens with the simple tap of a smart phone or tablet against a smart-tag integrated with the Products packaging, swing tags, etc.

TappStory gives brands the power to interact with the customer at the point of sale. It’s a smart tag and a platform that lets products talk to customers.

Uan (Scotland) Ltd know as Uan Wool is a new innovative SME which is passionate about Scottish wool and how it has can improve sleep, which is so important to overall health & well being.

We are a fully integrated business, growing, designing, manufacturing and direct retailing of our luxury “boutique Health” and premium farmhouse products all based in the Angus Glens.

Uan Wool products are made from recognised Scottish Sheep breeds that uses the wools natural properties to create superior comfort and sleeping environment naturally. Uan Wool is currently working towards “seal of approval “accreditation from UK British Allergy foundation. And also provide customers with product provenance, traceability, and proven green credentials that are valued by its customers.

VISORCAT is a patented and award-winning piece of safety kit that increases the vision, performance and safety of anyone who uses face protection including motorcyclists, firefighters and industrial workers. Visorcat received the Institute of Advanced Motorists’ ‘IAM Likes’ accolade for road safety initiatives and has European and US patents for its unique wash/wipe cleaning action which enables users to keep their visors clean in all conditions. Visorcat fits over the glove so is always ‘on hand’ when needed.