Meet the Experts

Looking for free business advice? Our Meet the Expert programme gives registered delegates the chance to pre-book 1-2-1 appointments with experts across a wide range of disciplines including tax, IP, design, marketing, training, digital, finance and more.

Full details including experts’ names and biographies; session titles and a booking link will be published closer to event day.  In the meantime, take a look at the companies who will be taking part this year:


CodeClan is Scotland’s first accredited digital skills academy. Industry-led and government backed, CodeClan opened its doors in October 2015 and expects to produce 1000 graduates in its first three years and over 600 graduates annually by 2018. The aim is to create a new pool of digital talent that will allow Scotland’s vibrant tech sector to flourish and drive the economy.

CodeClan is a core component of the Scottish Government’s Digital Skills Investment Plan to tackle the serious and escalating skills shortage in the digital technologies economy. Forecasts suggest there could be up to 11,000 job opportunities each year in ICT and digital technology.

CodeClan is a fully independent social enterprise with support from the Scottish Government, Scotland’s digital industry trade body, Scotland IS and Skills Development Scotland.

Intellectual Property Office 

Most successful businesses understand the importance of protecting their intellectual property. Intellectual property protects brand names, new inventions, new designs and creative work.

Intellectual Property will account for a large part of the value of most businesses. The IPO will explain the four main areas of intellectual property (trade marks, patents, designs and copyright) and give you actions to take to move forward.

Find out how to make the most of your business’s IP– 70% of delegates who attended acted upon the information they received.

Find out about copyright ownership – In a recent survey, 74% of businesses were unsure who owned the IP rights to their website, logo, artwork, photos.

Jumping Rivers 

Jumping Rivers helps companies get the most out of their data. Many businesses forget that data is a precious, often untapped, commodity. If you want to predict future growth, detect fraud, or optimise your marketing campaign, then use your data.

Jumping Rivers works with small start-ups, world-class universities and large multinational companies. Our consultants have an excellent technical background, and experience across a range of sectors. We provide both training and consultancy in data analytics. All of our tools are free and open-source; no
expensive licenses.

If you have data sitting doing nothing, please get in touch!

Marks & Clark

Marks & Clerk has Scottish offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen and is the UK’s largest firm of patent and trade mark attorneys.  We work with innovative enterprises – from start-ups and SMEs to universities and multinationals – helping them to protect their intellectual property and maximise its value.

Our patent professionals all have technical backgrounds and advise on maximising the value of new technologies across the spectrum of innovation.  Our trade mark attorneys work across a wide range of sectors to protect and exploit the value of brands.