Trends & Futures

All savvy business people know that successful companies stay ahead of the pack by identifying and even creating trends early on.

But how do you spot a trend that’s worth exploiting?  And how do you make sure you get in before the competition?  How do you make sure you back VHS not Betamax, Facebook not MySpace?

This series of workshops explores a variety of tools and techniques for identifying and harnessing emerging and future trends.

Future-proofing your business

An interactive workshop designed to give delegates practical experience of working on their business   All business models need to be revisited as the external environment in which they operate changes. Businesses must adapt to these changes to ensure their sustainability and to identify and leverage the drivers of growth.

As the pace of change continues to accelerate at unprecedented rate, it can be difficult to make sense of all factors driving these changes and to interpret what these can mean for a business, and to act accordingly. This workshop will provide you with a practical set of tools to scan the external environment to look for ‘signals’ that can indicate significant changes ahead.

You’ll be shown how to use these signals as building blocks to build your future business scenarios, opportunities and risks. You will then bring these opportunities and risks back to the present day and your current business model and consider what action you can take in the present for innovation and to future proof your business.


Surfing current trends is a good way to ensure that your products and services meet the current and future needs of the market. Find out from three very different Scottish businesses how they have used trends in food, the ageing population and energy efficiency to develop their products and services.

You’ll go away inspired to look for new and emerging trends that could be equally transformative for your own business.

Innovation Space

Glasgow is becoming established as a leading worldwide provider of satellites, with overseas companies moving to the City to be part of an increasingly important cluster.   There are opportunities in the technology itself, but also in identifying new ways to use that technology.   Critically, opportunities also exist to mine the data that is collected to create new opportunities both here and around the world.

Join this session, held appropriately in the venue’s Planetarium, and you will hear how all businesses have the potential to learn from Glasgow’s burgeoning space industry.

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