Venturefest Scotland

Venturefest Scotland is a national business innovation summit designed to help high-growth SMEs and ambitious early-stage companies to grow through innovation.

Taking place annually in September at the Glasgow Science Centre, the event connects business owners, entrepreneurs, investors and innovators and provides a platform for growing companies to find the tools, advice, funding and contacts they need to take their businesses to the next level.

93% of attendees who took part in our 2016 survey described the event as either ‘excellent’ or ‘great’ with previous delegates summing up the Venturefest experience perfectly:

“I have at least 3 excellent leads to follow up with real potential for generating business in excess of £10k.  It’s also likely that I will purchase from some of the Innovation Showcase participants”. 

I think one of the most exciting things about being here is the real variety of people in the room.  There’s a real mixture of decision makers and business owners and you can really have a productive conversation that you know is going to result in something.”

It’s very beneficial for SMEs because they are able to meet up with other companies rather than operate in their own little isolated world – it’s very easy to fall into that trap.   This event opens up their eyes to new possibilities to develop innovation in their own business.”

“Fantastic event! I have met so many beneficial people for my company, keep up the amazing work!”

Venturefest Scotland will return on Wednesday 20 September 2017.  For the latest notifications, follow @VenturefestScot on Twitter.

The Venturefest Network

Venturefest Scotland is part of the Venturefest Network, a UK-wide programme of events bringing together the ideas, investment and expertise to accelerate transfer of innovation and technology into business growth.

Venturefest exists because, despite all the advances in digital technology, the distinctive communities of innovators, investors and entrepreneurs – often divided on the basis of sector and locality – still struggle to find each other: networking is still a ‘contact sport’ and the role of Venturefest in bringing the distinctive innovation eco-systems of each area together is still as important as ever.

During 2017, 10 Venturefests will take place across the UK with each regional event providing a platform for showcasing sector strengths of an area’s local economy.