Challenges around People-Centric Automation

Greg Lavelle, Managing Director at Etellect discusses digital transformation and the challenges around people-centric automation. 

I often ask myself how Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence will transform the way businesses and organisations operate in the digital age. Etellect has been working in the area of process automation for a few years now so we’ve become distinctly aware of the shift around digital transformation. I discussed this very concept at Venturefest Scotland 2017 in the Glasgow Science Centre recently where I joined a panel discussion on new business models brought about by Industry 4.0.

I see the recent advances in RPA and Cognitive AI are resulting in the requirement to adopt a new mind-set, one that some could argue is counter-intuitive to how critical digital transformation projects are currently procured and implemented.  Modern day businesses and organisations require high levels of operational efficiency and customer intelligence, neither of which can be achieved using current legacy software architectures or multiple, non-integrated tools. There is a requirement to change their current approach to how they interact with software systems and, only then, can ‘process auto-bots’ be successfully employed to work in harmony with their human counterparts to create highly efficient business processes that can eliminate error, enhance the customer experience and make the workplace and exciting and individually fulfilling experience for all.

I would love to hear about your thoughts around digital transformation and the strategies you are putting in place. Have you been exposed to Robotic Process Automation and/or Artificial Intelligence and want to share your insights? Please join the conversation here

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